31.12.11 — (time log) 11:07

hello b~ where did the year go? i swear it felt like only a month ago (okay, i wouldn’t say ‘yesterday’, cause it didn’t xD ) that i was there in Pelabuhan Ratu, in one of the bungalows, mosquito bitten and blogging. i remember that i just completed my first ‘The Things I Do Before I Turn 18’ challenge and it was swimming at night. not at night exactly… at 7 PM.

but that was exactly a year ago. now i’m blogging, in my room, risking to miss the firework show… but i’d miss it if i should. because i know a new year is so much more than just trumpets and ridiculously loud (albeit very beautiful) fireworks.

i would like to recall the blessings that i had in 2011. so expect this to be a long post, and my last for 2011 (sniffs)… i hope i can cut some unimportant things out, but you know how i word vomit. *sigh* okay.

2011 has been a great year. for one, i turned seventeen this year… 😀 i heard wonderful songs, watched great movies, was inspired by a lot of people, and met someone i know i will never forget for a long time. maybe forever… even though i am totally busy this year preparing for university, i enjoyed life. and i did complete my 2011 new year resolution! isn’t that surprising?! 😀 i actually had to look back to my previous post to check what my resolution was, and i did it! i fulfilled it without knowing. i became a happier person. someone less bitter, someone who looked at life in a different light and i am thankful for that. life really is too beautiful to be discriminated– and i had a fun time enjoying it.

and we all know God worked in his own way. i seriously don’t know why i am stuck in my school for so long. practically, my entire life. let me be honest, there was some point where i was completely indifferent to it, but then God gave me the chance to meet my friends who are… really just the most awesome bunch ever, and before the year ends, i just want to tell them i love them. sometimes, you will never understand why He did what He did… maybe you will never for the entire course of your life, but always believe that He will lead you to something bigger than what you initially expect.

2011 has been a blast, and i couldn’t have asked for any better. 2012 will undoubtedly be important to me… i will enter university, live abroad, live away from my family for the first time. my friends and i will go our separate ways, and i will miss them terribly, but i’m also going to meet the friends that i haven’t met before, and i’m looking forward to that moment.

crossing my fingers to a  magical 2012. i dare it to be better than 2011–because 2011 sure as heck set the bar high, so i’m sure that 2012 will pretty much have a hard time topping it off. let’s live a bold 2012 people~ and live the best of it.

live long and prosper.

(always) much love,



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