#2011wish : to be happier.

so i was in the middle of changing when i realized that my parents haven’t woke up yet ><

we’re supposed to go in exactly 50 minutes. idk what they’re thinking. let them be.

anyways, happy New Year’s Eve!! (is there such a thing??)

i guess with this being New Year’s Eve, i have to start thinking of a resolution, right??? i think i should have loads and loads of them. i really need to be a better person from now on. i’m so flawed, i have so much to change.

however, i’m hoping that i would definitely be happier in this new year. i hope i’ll continue to try my best and try my hardest in everything that i do and i hope that i also will learn of acceptance. accepting myself for who i am, as well as accepting others for who they are. basically that. more details on upcoming updates which will be on…. well, that’s the problem. idk if i’ll be able to update or not.

anyways, i have to call it overs now. a long journey ahead. i only have 4 hours of sleep last night. and idk why i bother to wake up at 4 >< anyways, until then people. soak up some sun, or embrace the snow. whichever. enjoy your holidays. i’m determined to enjoy this one 😀

picture: http://stopmenow.tumblr.com/post/2075543780


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