the baddest female.


i haven’t been blogging because i have been busy with other stuff. i know that might sound like an excuse, but i haven’t told you even half of what i’ve been doing the whole summer, and the months before that (:

i think to start it off, i’m uploading this picture.

i was experimenting with a lot of things in summer, and i began to be really into picture drawing. sadly, i can’t draw just referring to my imagination, but i can draw with a picture reference.

this is what i ended up with ! if you like KPOP, then you would know her (i hope). this is CL from 2NE1, and she is gorgeous. love love love her, and this is the best that i can come up with. so even though it might not look exactly like her since it’s my first attempt, i hope you all would understand (:

Victoria Rahardjo
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