clean linen.

i am so happy that i washed my sheets last weekend.

there’s nothing like hugging fresh clean blankets when you’re having a hard time. i woke up monday morning (today) bright and early; at 715AM i am already in on my homework, cooking rice while i’m at it and skype-ing with my sister.

it’s her turn to go to uni, and she’s now staying in Sydney for the next two and half years now until she graduates. but the thing about talking on skype is that a lot of things get unsaid, and a lot of arguments get heated so quickly you try to cut over the other person while your internet lags. it is not the most fun or efficient way of communication. my sister and i are both hard-headed. in a debate, we don’t go well against each other, and because of that we usually try to see each other’s perspective on things, compromising ideas and settling for the most convincing side. that’s why although we’re different, we usually like the same things and see the same way; however, after a misunderstanding that ensued, we ended it at a less than desirable click of a button. and somehow it made me feel very lonely. you just never get used to it.

my roommates are struggling with midterms right now so they can care less about my problems, and what bothers me. mom, dad and Raissa are back in Indonesia, finally going back to their daily routine. Anie, is at Sydney, probably a little homesick but having the time of her life over there, and Jordan is at South Korea, too busy with his own life for me to force him to understand. and i wonder why i am so far away from the people that i love, and that i care about. and why despite trying my hardest to stay in contact, at the end of it i am just left exhausted from trying.

i am not complaining though… this is merely a thought that i wanted to share. i am okay because i’m very aware that things could be so much worse, but just the fact that the promise of it getting better is there, i know i’ll be okay.



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