“TRIAL BY TWITTER” my comment on cyber-bullying

after the Indonesian Event on Saturday (which went very well, i might actually write a post about it if i have time), i didn’t feel like doing anything; so naturally i didn’t and rested for a good whole day yesterday, probably regretting my decision in the near future. i haven’t even started doing my work and it’s now 7 PM. that is also bad.

however i just read one of the most thought provoking article on ELLE, this time not involving hair ideas or make-up tips or relationship advices. it’s a story about a young teenage girl who died at the hands of her so called ‘best friends’. i read it out of curiosity, but the further i read it the more scary that simple article became, and scary exactly because Skylar (the girl who was killed, may she RIP) could be anyone, including me.

having the whole incident revolving around social media, it reminded me of how frightening and fatal the cyber world is. the old school bullies at school used to write names of people they hate in this ‘blacklist notebook’, and sometimes even in small pieces of paper torn from their assignments to be distributed to the whole class. but there is only so much to a human’s mind and the restrictive limitations to a person’s brain space that always helps with, at least overcoming a little of these horrid memories; but names and writings and impressions written on social media are kept in online archives people don’t even know how to delete. at a click of a button other people can easily access moments which are utterly embarrassing or traumatizing to one’s lives. i’m not saying that it makes old school bullying ‘okay’, in fact i’m just emphasizing how bullying, especially through social media, can be even more dangerous than it already is.

being a survivor of bullying myself, i more than understand how it feels to be in Skylar’s position. i can talk about it freely now but then, it was not even a subject i wanted to think about. it was mean and not funny, and definitely not something that you bring about and joke around with your friends. bullying is a serious problem: it’s the exclusivity of a social circle that has a high potential of creating trauma, insecurities and even depression towards other people.

a particular paragraph that hurts me the most is this: ” “They asked us if we wanted her possessions, and I said, ‘Yeah, I want everything I can get.’ And I gotta admit, I was so, so hoping, just by some small inkling, maybe this isn’t her stuff. But when I saw the bra, even caked with mud and leaves, I said, ‘Yep, that’s my baby’s.’ “ ” that was a testimony of Skylar’s mother when her daughter’s body was found, her head already disengaged from her body. bullying (and especially extreme cases of it, including murder) affects not only the person bullied, but also their family. it is a spiderweb effect that is created simply because we do not live alone in this world and a civilization is not made up of just us as individuals.

the bad part is, in today’s world a lot of people know that it is not okay to bully, but they don’t always necessarily understand why. 

this is my 2 cents on the matter: no, it is NOT OKAY, because everyone has a god-forsaken right to be loved.

to continue reading about Skylar’s stories, click here:




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