another crying episode

today was another busy day. having slept at three last night, i had to wake up early to meet with the Minister of Social Affairs of Indonesia who is currently here in Montreal doing some collaboration work with McGill. And then afterwards I basically walked all over campus posting up posters for my Indonesian event and then headed up to the Education building for my 3 hour lecture. After that was done, I had to run back down and print brochures for the event and then finally headed to the library for a one and a half hour long meeting- and then after the meeting we practiced our performance for the event. it seems like my life has been revolving around the event for some time, and now that the event is just two more days, it feels like that’s all there is to me: that event, and the success of that event.

and then i’m home now, spent a good hour on my laptop just procrastinating with my make up still on, stumbled across this video and cried.

no matter how hard your life is, it’s a relief to know that people are still kind. that we are human for a reason, and despite whatever evil things that we do, we still have kindness in within us.



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