Vivienne had been a bit stressed. now a U2 in McGill, she has to deal with a lot of shit that got in her way. like the fact that she might not get into joint honours, or that she’s so busy trying to find sponsorship for her event that’s happening next week. not to mention she is constantly occupied with her research job, going back and forth to the phonetics lab trying to key in the last pieces for the experiment to work. maybe people can say that she’s a little bit spoiled that way. she has a job, she goes to McGill, at least she’s not failing, so what if she doesn’t get into the joint honours program? but she has always had a high expectation of herself and that made her a tiny studious brat. but on that sunday night she lets herself fall apart. feeling a little rebellious, she ate clementines on her bed, letting the juice dribble down to her white bedsheets, staining it slightly orange. she doesn’t mind it though… she likes to smell a little citrusy after all.

that night, after a stumbling trip back from another study session, she cried watching an episode of 우리 결혼했어 when a couple went into a special sort of ‘military training’ program to strengthen their relationship. they were supposed to cross a rope that was suspended high in the air, and the girl was so scared that the guy went back to her and helped her cross the rope while walking backwards, guiding her through the process. while accidentally biting into a clementine seed (“it said seedless on the box!” she cried) she couldn’t help but think that if it were James and her, she would probably be the guy and James would be the girl knowing how he hates the height. after all, even though James does not like to admit it, she has always been the manlier of the two despite being the lady in the relationship. she doesn’t mind it though. as long as it works, she said.

as long as it works. 



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