as you all have known from my previous blog posts, college life is definitely a point of rediscovery in my life. i learned a lot of new things, but also rediscovered a lot of old important values and beliefs–and now that it is #backtoschool season (with necessary hashtags), yet again, i think it appropriate to mention this in my blog at least once. 

three months before i walked out of rez in first year, i was confident that i wanted to live alone. having had roommate problems during that year, i thought i have had enough and felt that i needed some time on my own. so i settled with the idea of having a cute little 3 1/2 or even 2 1/2 to myself and have some unlimited and liberal me-time when i’m home in my quaint little cozy apartment. but then along the way, it dawned on me that living alone might be a little scary. because even though it is not a terrible case of depression or anything, i do get terribly homesick sometimes and i also get panic attacks when i’m stressed so i changed my mind in the last minute and ended up third wheeling these people who lived across from my room during first year. it turned out to be the best decision of my life. 

today was not a good day and i could feel it the second i woke up. it was good ol’ period cramps- even though it may be a little personal, but this part of the story is essential. i forgot my advil at west island, an hour commute away from downtown montreal. and an hour after i was done skyping with my mom, the cramps got so horrendous that i can do nothing about it anymore. so i just laid there on my bed like a little sick child and did nothing for what seemed like hours. but both fiona and rebecca are darlings. fiona and rebecca are my roommates for a year and a half now and they have repeatedly made me so glad that i jumped the roommate wagon. i’m now writing with my stomach full and warm, both thanks to my roommate– if it wasn’t for fiona’s cooking and rebecca’s hot pack i would probably still feel like i was dying on a cold rainy sunday night. they took good care of me, and they made me feel so loved (:  

people say that you appreciate the good things you have been blessed with a lot more when you are in a bad situation, and as cliche as it is, it is true. i realize more than ever now that although a lot of compromises had to be made while living together with someone else who might just be at the very beginning, practically strangers to you, it is human interaction that you need. i am saying this just as a general assumption… it’s true that not everyone needs a roommate and that you can get human interactions anywhere, but even though having roommates is a tricky affair, i’m glad i made the decision to have one (or two!) because they are just such easy access to connectedness and camaraderie when they are people who, like me, are also struggling with the same things at the same time (e.g. finals); 

both of my roommates are definitely worth the shot. 



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