that beast from within

i didn’t know when it was but at one point, it felt like i can summon this beast from within. have you ever felt that way? especially during hard and stressful times, like exam weeks or paper writing times or interview periods, i would have this willpower to focus and concentrate; but lately, it’s as if i lost it, or more like i couldn’t find all that superpower energy of being able to focus and concentrate. i think i have been slacking off a lot and like muscles that have been deprived of exercise, my willpower has sagged considerably. maybe the beast has gotten too addicted from all the TV shows that i’m recently watching, or the beast might also be too much in a romantic mood to get anything done. i’m not too worried about it because i know that it’s something that i alone can fix, but it will exhausting i suppose, trying to bring it back.

lol and look at me blogging instead of doing work. (sigh)

i’ll get going i guess. see you loves



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