“first love is such sweet despair, Collin.”

i have such an intense love-hate relationship with this movie, probably bordering more on the love, but nonetheless it wasn’t exactly an easy watch for me.

after three years that it has been out, i finally watched My Week With Marilyn, my main reason being the gorgeous Eddie Redmayne and amazing Judi Dench. but i soon was absorbed to the plot of the movie like i always do.

obviously like the rest of the world, i know who Marilyn Monroe was but i realized now that all i ever knew was that she was a sex symbol (she probably is still now) and that she died because of a medicine overdose. it didn’t register to me that she was a strange character, and probably as well in real life. of course everything in the movie was a portrayal of her, but it doesn’t come intuitively for me to sympathize on damsels in distress. unless they have a clear reason why they’re distressed, i don’t usually buy that choice of explanation. the thing about Marilyn is that she is loved by everyone.

but then what if the girl she is, is not Marilyn? then what if Marilyn is only a side of her that everyone loves? hence, the side of her that she decided to showcase. only then did i stopped to think that she might’ve actually been very lonely despite being loved, and only then can i finally understand that movie.

and of course i love Emma Watson. i always do. i’m just always having a big girl crush on her and i don’t think it’s going away soon. in this movie in particular, she played the character of Lucy, a costume girl who works on set with Collin (Eddie) and Marilyn (Michelle).

Lucy: “Did she break your heart?”

Collin: “A little.”

Lucy: “Good. It needed breaking.”

i especially love this line of her’s. although it is heartbreaking to see Eddie Redmayne heartbroken, but honestly i think this is a little common sense. nobody likes their heart broken, but once in a while, an arrogant heart needs breaking. and it’s just realistic that we don’t always get what we want.



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