the sibling problem.

As the eldest child, there’s a lot that Pippin couldn’t say; problems that she couldn’t tell her mother, or her father for she was told to “grow up” ever since second grade. She was used to keeping all of it to herself, like coffee residue, she let it sit at the bottom of her heart. But sometimes the nights, and even the days, are too lonely. After having no one who holds her when she cries, no friends, no adults… she didn’t even have the heart to tell her sisters. And how could she tell them too, really? To Mary, and little Sulli, Pippin is just a big sister that they can turn to when they fight with their mother, or even fight with each other. Just a chair they can sit on when they feel tired, and a spare apple they can eat when they’re hungry.

And most of the time, Pippin is fine and happy. Time had taught her to accept that close relationships do not come by easy for her; but there are days when she hoped that everything could be different… Some days when she hoped that her sisters would let her in on the secret even when they are two peas in a pod, and she, a soybean.

here we go: sibling love. 

remember in middle school (and maybe high school) when conversations with your friends turn towards sibling love and rivalry, and who is having it hard the most?

now that i’m turning twenty, you’d think that it’s no longer relevant, but my soul reaches out to all young ones with sibling responsibilities. it would be petty to say this, but it is never an easy feat to be the outsider and be okay with it. be a little kinder to your siblings, whether you’re the big duckling, the middle love, or the little chick.

remember that everyone needs a little love now and then…. and it doesn’t hurt to show a little some too.



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