hello in june

how have you been?

i hope you all are well.

it’s been a while, is it not? for the past couple of months, i have studied, pass my finals, learned to make (amazing) cheesecake and tiramisu, and healed.

i read through the last few posts before i went on hiatus and realized how i was very much a child. i am still, and would probably always be a child at heart, but i was a hurt (and naggy) child back then. i needed time.

so here i am, back, and ready to write more purposeless writings. i hope that’s cool with you because i’m excited !




10 thoughts on “hello in june

      1. I have been so good! Life has been chugging along! I’m also putting some things in place so I can do postgrad in journalism once I graduate! Exciting stuff 🙂 It is incredibly miserable…warmer than last year but still…winter. Blah. Haha. It’s probably just because I’m in a bad mood but this place is a hole at the moment ;[ Gah, I miss summer! Lucky you!

      2. Loooll ! summer will come around pretty soon for you girly, don’t worry. although by that time i would be probably resenting it because it means cold and bitter winter for me (again); still relishing in the sweet taste that is summer. but i know it won’t last long… T_T canada problems. “we are winter” is not there for no reason.

      3. Hopefully! I think it’s actually sunny today! Hooray! 🙂

        Okay, now this is going to be completely unrelated to anything buuuuut…would you like to be featured on my blog one day soon? I write (or try to) a feature every Friday that showcases some of my favourite bloggers! Pleaaaase say yes! ❤

      1. I’m goooddd ! also trying to unwind from second year before the brutality that is third year.
        Everyone keeps saying that time goes so fast, and for good reason because it is. I can’t believe it’s almost third year for us…. where did time go?

        I missed you Shan. Never really get to see you in person, but I hope one day we could (:

      2. I know! We’re half way done our bachelors degree.. geeez time flies.

        Yeah me too. How awesome would that be? Its too bad that canada is so big! lol

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