“i don’t know why this is my life, and that’s hers.”

she is my hero.

it was only this morning that i thought today was going to be just another boring day with readings to catch up on and things to check off my to-do list but in four minutes of watching that video i was transformed. literally.

Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman. she speaks eloquently of things that are not easily said for most people and with a grace that not all women have, she delivered her speech; but in the instant that she told her mini story, i was humbled in the most jarring way. i complained so much about pulling all nighters doing assignments, about how hard it is to get good grades in courses that i registered myself in, about an unrequited love that i consciously made… while there are hundreds of mothers out there in Syria who pulled all nighters out of fear that their child will die in the middle of the night in the limp embrace of their arms as they fell asleep, or if they survive for another day, what they would eat.

i am a petty human being.

in that four minutes i rediscover the responsibilities i have as a daughter to my parents, as a sister, as a friend, as a person, as a dreamer. but most of all, i was empowered as a girl striving to be the woman that she wants to be, and of the future mother she wants to become for her children.

i realize that i don’t want to lose sight of the bigger picture: that responsibilities to my grades are important, but so is my responsibility to my community, and that my time and energy will be better spent in strengthening other people rather than feeling sorry for myself.



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