do you know what feels absolutely horrendous?

it’s when you miss someone, but you’re not sure what part it is that you’re missing.

because you know each other, but also because of some unfortunate event you drift apart into ‘barely being friends’.

yet no matter how strange they’re going to look at you when they meet you, nor the awkward ‘trying-not-to-be-awkward’ small talks that transverse between the both of you, you wished that you meet them more often, and that there will be a mixing of lives.

and still you’re wondering what it is that you miss, when the only interaction that happened between the both of you was nothing less than a year ago.

when you both held hands, and you swore that you’ll never forget that moment.

and you never did. and somehow you wished you could’ve forgotten, but of course you didn’t because you swore. and at the same time you’re thankful that it’s still a memory that you hold dearly since it might just be one of the most beautiful moments in your life, second only to when your mother brushed your hair when you were a little girl.

if you do not know this feeling, consider yourself lucky.





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