midterm season fall 2013

hey blog.

random posting here, but it’s almost 9 PM and i haven’t started on my readings.

midterm week is back, and three of my midterms are scheduled to be after thanksgiving. i don’t know how many sleepless nights i would spend crying my eye balls out while trying to learn the difficult concepts of putting natural language into set theories while i might just be this close to failing that course.

the good side of it is that i actually enjoy the course. it may not be my forte, but since it’s something that i genuinely liked, it felt a little less painful to spend my thanksgiving weekend studying for midterms that i’m a little scared of.

it just seems like i have this tendency of destroying my physical and mental health by hardcore procrastination.

but anyways, that’s a little bleep. i will see you, hopefully after i’m done with my midterms.

love always.



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