2013/10/08 hello again after two months.

is this not the longest MIA that i have ever been on?

almost two months. so much for hoping that this year, i’ll be writing a lot more.

but life caught up, and college was brutal ever since it started, but now i’m a sophomore (YAY) and so excited in getting my ass kicked (which i’m probably already in the process of getting) just a recap on everything that happened in the past two (hectic) months: i moved in to my apartment (YES, and having to go through the trouble of going to IKEA and constructing all of my furnitures without help), i’m halfway through my linguistics degree, and i’m trying to get into joint honours for linguistics and east asian studies. those are my two majors.

aside from that, i’m working on getting my shit together…. being involved in several different groups like the Indonesian group here in Canada, UNICEF McGill, and the Cancer Society. thinking on joining this China-Canada youth business forum… and basically killing myself because i have so much to do and so little time.

but isn’t that a classic coming from me? because i’m always complaining on trying to get things done whilst having not enough time to do them all. and now i’m back telling you guys that i have, yet again, added stuff on my to-do list. but more of that later…

as of now, i’ll say goodbye. i have a phonology assignment and two semantics assignment to complete this week so i better get going. i don’t want to say “i’ll see you soon” because honestly idk when i’ll be back. but i guess i can say: “talk to you again?” because one way or another, i always find myself gravitating back to this old familiar blog.

much love. (even though it might have felt like i abandoned you) xx



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