liking someone is not a bad thing

i have a confession to make.

i have never understood feelings that are kept alone. i do not understand people who can ‘pause’ their feelings when they think things are uncertain. i do not understand people who decide that they do not like a person because that person couldn’t like them back. don’t you just like a person? isn’t that what liking a person really is? and this is not because i always get the guys that i like, on the contrary from a scale of one to ten i might be a minus two in terms of attractiveness. i always end up liking boys that do not like me back, but it doesn’t stop me from telling them how i feel.

of course afterwards, i come to my senses again. afterwards, i realize why a lot of people have refrained on telling other people that they like them. i relive the embarrassment, and the hurt, and everything that would heal with time. but i do have a reason for confessing. up until now, i have confessed twice in my life, and i did both of them for the same reason. this may sound a little silly, but try and hear me out.

when you like someone, don’t you think about them a little more? when you like someone, don’t you think you worry about them as much as you like them? even though it may be a little awkward to admit but you start to wonder what they’re doing, or if they have eaten, or if they like someone else. at least, that’s what it’s like for me. when i like someone, they will roam rent-free inside my head. the only thing left to do is to confess. all i really wanted to do when i confess, is to tell that person that i like them. probably this is because i believe so much in the power of words, but i confess because at least then he knows that i’m thinking about him. because maybe, just maybe, he can see me in a different light and start thinking about me back.

however sometimes girls that confess are frowned upon. they are said to have no dignity, which is absurd, because a lot of people do not know how long it does take to confess. when you have played the scene over and over again inside your head, and mustering up the courage to speak up first, it’s all not easy. we just wanted to have a say on what we feel, can’t we not even do that? 

but of course, the matter of confessing highly relates to rejection, if that is even the term for it. it is a given that people are scared to confess, but here’s my two cents: it is true for anyone in this world that even if they have all the love in the world, if it’s not the love that they want then it doesn’t matter. but it shouldn’t be a reason for people to not show their feelings to the ones that they like. because at the end of the day, liking someone is not such a bad thing after all. at the end of the day, you should not be embarrassed about your feelings.



2 thoughts on “liking someone is not a bad thing

  1. I really loved this post and I thought it was well written and something that is relatable in so many ways. I am really happy I stumbled upon your post today because this is one of the best things I have read today.

    1. hi kiamani (: sorry for the very late reply.
      i was so busy lately i couldn’t touch up on my blog, but i’m happy that you enjoyed it. it was a very personal experience to me, and i’m glad i wasn’t the only who felt that way. thank you for reading and visiting my blog. i’m looking forward to bumping into you again in the future! (:

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