self project

remember when i told you that going back to Indonesia felt like going to rehab? i am finally stepping out the rehab gates. summer is finally here. finally. finally. 

and i feel like i need to turn this summer into a self project. the plan is to take better care of myself, i guess in just everything… i want to be happier, i want to smile more to the extent that i will develop smile wrinkles, and i will not care about it until i’m like 25 (because i know i’ll care by then) and start loading my face with anti-aging creams.

of which, speaking of face, and the more physical aspect of myself, i’ve been obsessed with rice water lately. it’s like i’m beginning to worship rice water. i wash my face with rice water, i keep containers of rice water, i even put my face directly on top of the opened rice cooker when steam is evaporating from the newly cooked rice hoping that at least some of them will be absorbed by my skin cells. there’s just something so graceful and beautiful about the dull grey rice water that people (by default) throw away after they wash their rice; i like how it helps you prepare your food and your basic nourishments, but also provides ample moisture for your skin.

and i think everyone needs a period like this. i mean if we’re planes, there should be a time when we go back into our hangars and get them wings and titanium plates polished. not practically just for vanity reasons (although a lot of it is), but also for self improvement. because being a teenager with low self-esteem, it really does help to better yourself in any possible way to get your confidence.

sometimes it’s bad to keep pushing yourself to the edge even though it’s (really) that important. it’ll be like committing suicide, which is very wrong.




3 thoughts on “self project

  1. For some reason I feel like I’ve missed a LOT of your posts! My WordPress is doing something freaky-weird and I don’t like it >_> I hope you’re having a good summer though! I’m just freezingcolddying here in New Zealand >_>

    PS – What is rice water? Haha I’ve never heard of the stuff before!

    1. :)) hey love ! Long time no talk :/ it’s not that you’ve been missing my posts, it’s just i haven’t been writing for a long time and just started again recently. ;___; oh! Rice water is basically just the water that you have used to clean your rice with 🙂

      1. Si! Very long time and no talk! :[ Haha well, yes buuuuuuut my email also decided to stop forwarding messages so I had to fix it! Now I have about 46815342565842651232 in my inbox to deal with -___- Oh right! Haha that makes sense! I feel all noob-like now! -__-

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