another heavy post just right after a writing pause…. please don’t give me that look.

it’s not that i have been through a lot lately… i haven’t. but exactly because of that i have enough room to think (too much actually) of just the most random and unproductive things. i find myself making promises to myself every day, and i’ve seen myself break some of them already, which is scary because i never liked breaking promises. it troubles me that promises that i make to other people, i keep with all that i have, while the promises that i made to myself, i break like it’s the most natural thing to do. like breathing.

anyways~ i’m not here to write another post that is considered philosophical, which may actually not be that philosophical because i’m not a philosophical person to begin with…. i’m back to say that my baby sister has just turned seventeen.

congratulations honey. you’ve come a long way from always throwing up your food in the fish pond to now. may you always be showered with only the best… i love you (:



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