there are good people living in this world

yesterday, i forgot my phone in the library’s washroom.

was actually on the metro before i blatantly curse myself out loud (winning the stares of a LOT of people in the metro) for being so helplessly stupid in forgetting just about one of the most important things in my life. i rushed back but my little feet could only do so much and when i checked the washroom, my phone was gone.

i was actually in the verge of tears as i retrace my steps back to the places that i’ve been in the library. a kind guy even lent me his phone to check if my phone was actually active or if someone has it. no one picked up.

finally, already losing a little hope, i went to the security guy who always circles around the library, …. and he had my phone. 

he had my phone

he had my precious phone

he had my phone which, although is very precious to me, was forgotten in the washroom because i was being such a tool.

apparently someone found it and gave it to the security guy so that he could give it back to me.

i was very grateful. see, i know good people exist, but i have never experienced the grace of meeting good people up until yesterday when i was already sweating like a pig. i was praising the Lord on my way back home…. i swear i could already see my parents’ disappointed faces if i actually (eventually) skype them and tell them that my phone went missing because their daughter couldn’t take better care of her stuff.

stupid stupid stupid. i promise i’ll take better care of my things. to the girl who gave my phone to the security guy, you don’t know how much i thank you for this because i myself don’t know how much i’m so grateful for your existence. you have (literally) saved my life from the wrath of my parents.



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