he is one beautiful human being.

i’m just going to simply say that by watching this video, Zach Sobiech has shown me a ‘brave’ that i have never ever seen before. he is also very courageous in a sense that i should probably say that he showed me a courage that i have never seen before but him ‘being brave’ was the first thing that popped in my head rather than him ‘having courage’.

he might have known that he’s dying earlier on but regardless of that, his sincere acceptance of death and just the fact that he is dying is so…. brave. i know that if i were in his position, even if i’d known that i would die in two years, i would turn into this bitter old hag. i would complain and i would write rants and i would just do the most stupid things i could ever do. i might not, and i hope i’d never have to find out and just grow old before i die, but there is always that possibility that i would just see the world in a mean eye and be stupid about dying.

i want to be like him in that i want to not just know, but also understand that there are things greater than myself. i want to be able to appreciate the life that God has given me even more, now that the confirmation of everyone fighting their own war and everyone bearing their own cross is real. what the world has to offer, and the things that i want to do while i’m still alive, i don’t want to only realize them when i know i’m dying.

so even though it was only through this video that i meet you, i want to personally thank you for the reminder that life is beautiful, and that it doesn’t need death for all of us to realize that the world has so much to offer.

you are one beautiful human being, Zach, and i’ll be keeping you in my prayers. may you rest in peace.



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