christmas 2012

so i guess this will be my super belated christmas post since christmas is really 5 months ago, and i’m only writing this now. but i’m going to start writing again…. as the purpose of this blog is for me to be human and grow old and forget most of the things that i did when i was young, and this blog will help remind me that i have not lived a useless and empty life.

anyhow. the christmas here was so much different than christmas back home. Montreal transformed into a ghost town and there’s nothing that i can do about it. unlike in Indonesia when stores open extra hours just so that they can get more customers, all the shops here close because everyone is celebrating with their families and loved ones. while on the other hand, i was rotting away in my dorm, having the whole 8th floor to myself, and i have to admit that i was actually feeling quite depressed.

it was also coincidentally one of the coldest times of the winter. i remember just maybe a couple of days before christmas, a snowstorm happened and i was locked in my dorm with only celeries in my fridge and i swear i cannot be more miserable. so i basically transformed myself to a pig and lie on my bed the whole day through, catching up on sleep that i’ve been missing throughout the first semester, and all the while eating my celery while watching A WHOLE LOT of korean dramas.

i did go to a very beautiful mass at St. Patrick’s Basilica and the procession was gorgeous. the lights and the choir and just everything was amazing. but i wished my family was here, especially my mom, because everything was just so cold and so dry and so empty. i did have a white christmas, but still i’d rather have it with my family back in hot scorching Indonesia rather than here alone. ):

but regardless of everything, i did have a good christmas even though it wasn’t exactly fulfilling. (: xoxo



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