“put your shit together.”

i know i have been MIA…. but i guess that is no longer a surprise eh blog? i have been doing that so often now it’s not even funny.

i hope i’ll be writing more in the near future. still in Montreal, doing a summer course on phonetics and loving it so far. life is beautiful and summer is amazing after the draggy winter that i swore only ended sometime in April =_= . Montreal. tsk.

anyways. i’ll make this post short and sweet since this will be basically my ‘coming back’ post. but i want to tell you about a lesson that i learnt…. just this morning actually.

i woke up with just about one of the more surprising news that i’ve received since i don’t know when…. life has been boring and i was basking in the luxury of it but of course irony is nothing if not consistent. i heard something that i can’t say is bad news, but at the same time isn’t good either. if anything it left me a little disappointed but it may also be my fault for thinking that maybe, just maybe, people would understand and act mature about it.

i told a friend about it, and you know what she said? she told me to put my shit together. and i’m so grateful she said that.

i have been living a life where people think i’ll always be able to put my shit together, and i’m happy that at least someone knows that sometimes i just don’t feel like putting my shit together. sometimes i just want to let loose, and the fact that she reminded me that i had to put my shit together puts me at ease because i know someone is there looking out for me and telling me that i better do that otherwise everything’ll spiral downwards.

it’s so funny how you discover things, or discover friends, when you’re actually so far away from them. at that instant when she told me to put my shit together, i know that i can rely on her, and that she’s a good friend.



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