you know what.

i haven’t slept since 6 in the morning yesterday. i have been awake (and studying) for almost 40 hours.

remember when i told you i’d finish my log 2 even if it’s the last thing i do?

i meant it. i meant it and kept my word and i am beyond tired right now you have no idea.

i don’t understand people who can say: “i haven’t been sleeping for three days now.”

what. what did you just say.

i am human. humans need to sleep. humans need to sleep so that their old cells can die and be renewed and energy replenished and blood circulation goes well and the other good stuff that must be happening to my body when i’m sleeping.

so when my friend Mete told me to just shut down in the cafeteria floor i was seriously considering it.

but i did it. i finished my log 2. i crawled and i reached it. thank goodness for all that.



2 thoughts on “you know what.

  1. Hi there! I’m new to your blog (and the blogosphere) ~j’adore ça! Your blog is very engaging and interesting. =^.^= I cannot agree more with the sleep issue. Exams are fast approaching and I feel like I haven’t revised enough so cramming is my life from now until June 18th T.T What baffles me, is how did you have the strength to work for 40 hours?! Congratulations on completing but is that even human…

    1. thank you so much for commenting!!!
      i know i don’t even understand how i could do that. i need my sleep. like really.
      i’m a morning person so i can wake up early no problem but not sleeping can actually mess with me.
      i am very ugly both physically and emotionally when i’m sleep deprived.
      also, good luck with your exams! (which you probably did already since i fail so much in life i’m answering your comments a month after you posted it)

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