sunny winters

hello blog….. i’m writing one of those posts again. those nonsensical random posts that i used to write so much but haven’t written since :/ forever.

Montreal is really beautiful lately. i think winter is finally…. finally starting to transition into spring. i, have nothing against the snow, but it’s nice to know that the sun will be coming out more frequently now. i think i came to understand why people get depressed more when they don’t get the sun often. it’s cold and it’s drab, especially when you’re far away from the people that you love and everyone here are just strangers you happen to pass by only once or twice, or even never.

the weather forecast predicted that it may snow again tomorrow, but for today the weather is just nothing but lovely. it’s not too cold, it’s sunny, and i keep on hearing this melody inside my head. it’s a song that makes you want to fall in love… sort of ballad-y, sort of not, accompanied by acoustic guitar and soft beats of drum. it is just me. i am completely aware that it is only me imagining that song. but if i have to describe it, it’s something close to that video that i posted in the above. i am completely in love with that song. love it.

i am a little sick today… running a low fever but i can’t afford to rest since i have been resting like a slimy pig during reading week and obviously got nothing done (except for some latin translation that i’m very proud of to have finished) so i have to do all of this right now. -_- i can’t wait for the weekend. i’m telling myself that i’m halfway there already–most days i would tell myself to shut up and run, and of course by that i mean to not think about it and just do my work, but i can’t do that today. i am too sick and dizzy but i’m going to get my log 2 done today. even if that’s the last thing that i do, even if i have to crawl towards it, i would.

anyways~ the sun is absolutely wonderful and sort of cheered me up a little bit. and i have to get started right now if i am planning to get it done today.

have a blessed day my loves. i just want you all to know that you are precious and you each deserve the sun and the wind and all the goodies that comes with a lovely day.




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