on a brighter note….

hi friends. … … (:

the last two posts weren’t exactly pleasant were they? i guess the weather just got into me or maybe i was having those days when you hated everyone you don’t know why for the life of you that you did. but you did anyways, so :/

anyways~ hopefully i’m over that phase now. i just felt like blogging today–currently waiting @ redpath library for a friend to head out to this sandwich place that is apparently “very good” but i’ve never been. also dreading studying for midterm, hence being in the library, but blogging instead.


it is so nice out.

i really have nothing else to say. my life has been quite bland these last couple of days, or weeks, or past month. but i really feel like typing and writing right now, just not school related stuff. i wish i had more exciting news or stories to tell you, but there really isn’t and it’ll be quite ridiculous to make one up just for the sake of it, but you know what… i’ll open my eyes wider for adventure and fun, and maybe stupiditybecause that always spices things up.

oh! and the pictures are up from the ski trip.

i might blog a little about that in a few (: hopefully while also getting my work done.



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