just because.

again, i have slacked on writing…

and again, i’m telling myself to not do that because i have been blogging for such a long time and it will be such a shame to stop now.

i’ve been making up reasons that would justify  me to not blog all along. like… waiting for related pictures to be uploaded so that i can include them in my blogpost and whatnot… but i always find myself not blogging even after the pictures are up. so what is it really?

well i don’t really know myself. the point of writing this blog at the first place was for me to practice not caring what other people think; about my ideas, my perceptions, my experiences, my thoughts. just everything in general. but then i realize i find myself holding back writing experiences which are so crucial to me just because i’m scared of getting judged. so i guess it is just not working, this whole idea of practicing to not care of what other people think about me. because i do. and highly so.

but then dearest Sarah (i mentioned you, you darling child. you better be honored) told me to blog more often and that one simple sentence there acts like a very much needed reminder. sometimes it will be hard, and awkward, and so out of this world that if you meet someone who you know reads your blog you feel like you just want to swallow your head–but now that i’m writing again, i realized just how much i missed it. i miss being in front of a computer and just bleed myself into one very long very incomprehensible post. it feels liberating… i forgot just how good it felt.


moving onto today…. it was not a good day.

surprisingly there hasn’t been too much of a bad day as far as being in Montreal. yes, the workload drives me mad, but it’s just work. i’m used to it, and i bet everyone’s used to it. but today, it was just… everything that could’ve happened on some other random day had to happen today. mostly my fault, partly nobody’s fault, so i have no reason to complain really. at the end of the day, it’s good to know that i’ll not die losing some sum of money, or having my laptop charger broken, or having tons of work to do, or maybe just all of that at once… i might be half dead, but i’m a college student and we naturally develop nine lives, so bring it on.

honestly, the only good thing that happened today is receiving a letter from my dear dear friend Keidan. i really have no idea why we’re exchanging letters when we could so much as text or facebook message even, but the idea of getting letters is just so charming, it is beautiful.

aaannndd~ i’ll be going now. got some latin translations to do, and maybe another linguistic lecture to catch up on since i am so behind right now it’s ridiculous.

also, if i’m feeling good i might be updating on a ski trip i went to last weekend. yes, a ski trip. you didn’t know did you?



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