it was a nice day.

it was so nice out today… regardless of the fact that it’s freakin’ -19 the whole day, it’s still nice out and i’m happy that it was bright and sunny.

decided that i should continue the habit of waking up early. i honestly think that doing nothing during the holidays is ruining me. it makes me lazy and sloth-y — like an old computer that takes too long to load. for a moment there it makes me so scared to think that i might have lost my mindset. my dreams, my goals, my determination to achieve all of the things that i’ve wanted so badly. because i know myself… i am the type of person who diffuses. i am all over the place. i want everything. i want to live everyone’s lives. and my dreams are what anchored me to this one place where i can set my mind on something and really focus on it. it helps me condense a little and at least retain some sort of shape to achieve a part of what i want. not everything certainly… but i guess no one can have everything. right?

anyways~ Kei is sleeping over today since it’s too cold to metro back. we had spinach and feta cheese wrap for lunch–our staple– and a really really unhealthy dinner. in the middle of dying in the library, we decided to go to provigo and buy these assortment of junk foods (and some healthy food stashed in) and assembled bananas, craisins and melted dark chocolate for dinner. after that we had round two: water crackers and blueberry cheese siesta accompanied with a mug of steaming hot green tea. but of course, after all of that we felt guilty and naturally spent 40 minutes in the gym burning our calories off after pigging out.

and now i’m really late for bed… which is not good since i’ll be having my first ever quiz tomorrow morning at 8.30 and it’ll be freezing outside. the temperature has nothing to do with my morning class, it’s just that during my time staying in Montreal, the weather is never irrelevant, so i felt like it’s necessary to blurb in the fact that it’s going to be frigid tomorrow.

farewell for now. i hope i’ll be writing again soon (:



5 thoughts on “it was a nice day.

  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, it feels like I haven’t commented on your blog in a really, really long time! o.O Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and all that jazz! That sounded like the best dinner ever by the way! Nothing can beat chocolate and bananas! :]
    Good luck for your quiz! ..Even though you’ve probably finished it by now! :]

    1. hey girll !!~
      lol. it has been ages since you last commented only because i have not been writing (: but now i’m trying to get into the habit of writing again.

      yes, it was so good ! and thank you so much!~
      both of my quizzes went better than i expected, Thank God.

      how about you? how are you doing?

      1. Yay, I hope you do! I’ve missed reading about your life in Canada! It seems a lot more interesting than my same old, same old life! Haha xD

        That’s good! I’m not looking forward to college just because of all the tests I’m going to have >.< I don't test well! Haha.

        I'm good, life is still pretty sweet! I can't really complain about too much at the moment :'] Beach is good, Sexy French Boy is VERY VERY good ;] and work is good! Everything is just good! :]

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