a letter to me

dear victoria.

the last two years has been hard hasn’t it? even though it wasn’t completely a tear-stricken, blood-spilling journey, i know the hardships that you’ve been through, and i acknowledge the struggles that you might have overcame, or is still trying to overcome.

but it gives you more reason to not forget what you really want. don’t lose your determination. success is like the wind–it doesn’t stay for long. keep choosing the right way even though you know it may be harder and that it may take longer. even though now you may still be searching for who you are or your identity, realize that you already have values and principles that are instilled in you. you know who you are, you just haven’t completely discovered yourself yet.

remember about your parents and your sisters and your family back home. how it is not only your struggle in your life but also ultimately theirs. remember what they have to go through for you to have an education…. for you to go to a university abroad. i know you miss them, but have you for a second thought about how your mom misses you? even though she never said it, and will only say it after you say it first, know that no mother will ever let go of their child without heavy thoughts. they never say it often, or they might haven’t said it for the longest time even, but know that they love you.

be more diligent in your studies, be more respectful, be more honest, and most importantly, remember to always be a good person. because a smart person without substance is trash, and a pretty girl without manners will in the end only be a mannequin. stop making your parents worried and start paying more attention to them. be grateful for the life that you have right now because not everyone is fortunate enough to have what you have. be nice to everyone regardless and don’t judge… because no matter who they are–whether they’re a friend or stranger, someone you like or someone who you don’t prefer–remember that they are all fighting their own personal wars, and that you don’t have the right to undermine any of their problems no matter the size.

stay humble and be more hardworking. you may only know 1/1590500th of the world, so don’t act like you know everything because you don’t. keep learning and stay positive because you might not know what is waiting for you around the corner. always remember who you are and what you want. always remember the people who are around you. strive to live the life that you’ve always wanted, and never give up.

much love.


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