*drum rolls* first paycheeeeeeckkk~

hey you…

two blog posts in a day, how about that. it’s been such a long time since i last wrote a post, let alone two posts in a day.

now that the first day is almost over, i guess it entitled me to say that it went quite successfully. (: but maybe that’s just me…. i’ve heard from a lot of my friends that the first day weren’t going well for them, but it was going pretty well for me to be quite honest. then again, i’ve always loved school, so who am i to say.

another good thing: i finally get my first paycheck.

i officially earned my own pocket money and even though at first it feels like such a burden to have to work for my pocket money, but somehow right now, it feels so liberating. it feels really good and i’m intending to keep continuing this~ i know it’s farfetched, but maybe… just maybe… i can pay the tuition for my last year at university. it’s far-fetched… but i like the idea of helping my parents as much as i can.

and then kei bought this lovely Ferrero Rocher cup of goodness for me as a celebratory gift for my first paycheck ever and i feel so so so happy (: thanks love for the cheese-cupcake. it was amazing.

until tomorrow i guess. i have my first 8.30 class tomorrow and i better wake up for that so i’m going to bed soon (:



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