if you’re going to do it, you’re doing it all. the. way.

first day of school right here right now….


and i’m here trying so hard to get back to my normal usual routine of going to school and doing home works and doing a lot of readings and whatnot.

i felt like i’m slowly losing sight of my goal, and that’s a bad thing because my goal has always been pushing me forward to my limits and achieve the things that i’ve been achieving. to be completely honest, i feel so internally unmotivated right now and it scares the hell out of me. i don’t know if losing some of your ‘fire’ is just a part of being a student but i have never felt this unmotivated in my whole life. ever.

so this might sound weird, but i’m telling myself to make a decision that will ultimately decide how i am going to be in the next few years. and i’m telling myself that once i make the decision, i’m going do it all the way. i just hope i’m going to make the right one.



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