i don’t know what’s happening to me.

i feel so restless. my finals are tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but i haven’t done much yet. why am i being like this? but at the same time i’m always trying to find things that i can procrastinate with as if everything’s not enough yet.

i’m so angry at myself. i’m never like this. maybe that’s that. with everything coming so fast at me i just want to burry myself underneath my blankets and blast my eardrums with rock songs. i don’t feel like studying, i don’t feel like eating, i don’t feel like doing anything.

i feel so disoriented. i feel so lost… what am i supposed to do?




One thought on “restless

  1. …I feel like that some days and honestly, it sucks. I look at the dishes, the laundry, how messy the house is and some days I feel like I can’t deal with any of it. Add people calling you and trying to buy something from the store every two seconds and you have a very frustrated teenage girl.

    Sometimes you do just need to stop for a little while and do something that helps you forget for a while. I know finals will be over by now but next time just chill out for a while and listen to music, go for a walk or have something to eat. Do ANYTHING and then try come back to it within an hour :]

    It’ll either work or you’ll find something else “really important” that you have to do! Haha good luck! :]

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