beautiful dandruffs

it snowed again and i think it’s going to stay for good now…. (: all i have to wait for now is for WordPress to start snowing like it always does during these months !! ~ yeay!

i should find more people who love snow so we can make like a cult or something because there’s too many people hating on snow here.

it was everywhere, especially after my linguistics class since i didn’t see even a speck of it after philosophy, nor did i see it after i passed out in the student building after having slept so little for the past couple of days, but after linguistics, the thing was just falling out of the sky like beautiful streamers.

it was on my hair, on my nose (it gets a little cold when it goes in your nostrils and you accidentally breathe it in), on my cheeks, lips, tongue (when i stick it out) on my eyelashes and even on my non-existent brows. but it was something magical, i couldn’t care less.

i hope i will not change my mind about snow…. and if i do, i hope i’ll always remember my first impression of them.

beautiful dandruffs. 


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