laundry sunday

so i guess what i will need to wait for is for the snow to settle because the weather is tipping towards the -5s next week, and i guess, constant snowing.

it appears that no, i won’t be able to blog often anyways~ not until the next two weeks. i’ll not be able to help myself and sneak in a few posts here and there but for the most of it, i’ll be too stressed out thinking about anything else aside from my assignments.

what happened was that i tried to do my things one at a time since it would be ridiculous to try and do everything at once. so what i did was i focused on my linguistics assignment and philosophy paper, and then my latin test, and then just yesterday, i just found out that i have an essay due in 4 days (now 3) on my Japanese Culture Studies which is such a bummer since i haven’t started reading or writing it yet. so i am now in a time management crisis, trying to figure out the things that i have to do first. and then of course it’s finals in two weeks. yeay!~ (not)

i don’t understand how a friend of mine has been saying that his first year at uni was the best time of his life. he was like: “yeah man i partied and i didn’t study seriously and i still can get a good mark” . because no, that cannot be case. but then i’m thinking that he might not have to read 150++ pages for his courses anyway so :/

and you know what i do when i’m stressed out: do my laundry. that’s right, today’s laundry sunday all over again. clothes are in the dryer right now, and there absolutely is nothing better in the world than to burry your head in a pile of warm, clean clothes and like throw your worries away.

so i’ll be doing that, and then back to studying. i can’t slack off forever.

p.s. Gale died. with his battery draining off every so often now and my charger not working, i’ll be phone-less for the next couple of days until i figure out where i can get a cheap-ass phone to replace it with.



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