snowing snowing snowing AGAIN!

it’s snowing again!! omg omg omg.

everyone i know has been hating on snow and i really don’t know why but i don’t want to hate snow. not now not ever. maybe i’ll get sick and tired of it when winter drags to March, but i want to love snow. 😦 is snow really that bad? think about all the snowman and the snowangels and the snowballs i can make from all of those snow!

anyways, ~ i don’t think it’s the type of snow that will stay anyway. i think the ground is still a little too warm for it…. although it really depends on how you define “warm” in this sense. like i really, … REALLY wouldn’t call it warm. but then the snow melts as soon as it touches the ground so, i guess it’s still too warm for the snow.

but i’m so hyped up! regardless of the fact that i slept at 3 (again) in the morning, skyping and talking to a friend of mine who’s moving rez like today, i’m so energized. i helped her move some of her stuff to her car and was outside when it snowed i’m so happy oh my goodness you have no idea. like i can feel the snow grazing me and it just felt soo magical. oh, and we stayed that late because at the last minute we decided to have pho for sort of a farewell dinner when she’s really just moving rez -_- but we went to Chinatown and i had this really satisfying bowl of pho. the broth is just… i can’t even… it is so fragrant. your mouth smells like some really good spice after eating that. oh and i had a giant giant glass of bubble tea it’s not even funny. it’s like one of those root beer glasses but so much bigger!




i’m so sorry if this post is all over the place but i have to get ready and get going now because i’m going to a friend’s house to cook instant noodle for him. just because he doesn’t have the instant noodles and i don’t have a place to cook it with so he’s paying for the gas and i’m giving him my instant noodles. seems fair.

i’ll see you all soon. i’ll hopefully have time to blog more often ^^



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