i ♥ fall tag

i know it’s a liiiitttle too late to do this tag, but meh whatever. -_- i swear it technically is still ‘fall’ here in Montreal, but it feels like it’s freakin’ winter already it’s not even funny. it’s been minus minus minus something centigrade constantly and i can’t even… anyways.

1. Favorite Fall lip product?

i love Revlon’s matte lipstick in In The Red. it’s … so red. and rich. or Revlon’s Wine Not.

2. Favorite Fall activity?

listen to calming music in the library or hide in one of the corners of a little cafe, drinking green tea when it rains outside. i know… it’s very specific, but i usually know what i want. lol. even certain situations i can picture clearly in my mind. or listen to the crunching leaves. (:

3 Favorite Starbucks Fall drink?

Americano or Medium/ Dark roast, both without sugar and without cream. i know i’m boring, but that’s how i usually drink my coffee. i might indulge myself with a salted caramel mocha sometime soon… maybe.

4 Favorite Fall candle?

i don’t usually use candles. but if i have to choose, i think something cinnamon scented.or something citrus-y. lol! i know that is so very fall inappropriate since citrus is usually associated with the summer, but it reminds me of mom whenever i smell something citrus-y. she loves the smell of lemons.

5. Favorite Fall accessory

scarves. never had the chance to wear them in Indonesia because it’s freakin’ 26 degrees celsius all year round. i kinda like that feeling when you wear a scarf and you feel like you’re being swallowed.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

haunted hay ride. definitely. i have a weak heart, and i abhor things that smells horror-y and haunted-y. i can just sit and close my eyes in a haunted hay ride rather than participate in the haunted house or haunted corn maze where i have to actually trudge the grounds and have things jumping on me. i’d rather spare myself the much unneeded stress. -_-

7. Favorite Halloween movie?

watched something called the Corpse Bride when i was still in middle school and even then i found it so depressing. as far as my ‘horror movie’ history goes, that’s the most that i can take. watched Drag Me To Hell and Insidious and couldn’t sleep for a month. had nightmares… it was gross. i just… i can’t take it.

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?

been dying to try those corn candies or candied apples. or 85% Lindt chocolate. which i can’t exactly categorize as Halloween candy since i basically live on it, but i’m not a big candy person anyway.

9. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?

i can’t really say because this really is the first time i’m technically experiencing ‘fall’ … things stay the same in Indonesia all year round. i love how the leaves change color for sure! but i guess what i love the most about it is how the scent of fall is everywhere. i can smell it in the cool crisp air and the hot cup of coffee someone beside me is holding in between her palms. just everything about it. (:

and that’s a wrap for my i (heart) fall tag.

do comment and link your post if you did, or is also doing this tag. (: it’s always fun to procrastinate to these.

have a happy fall-winter everyone!



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