running away to the mountains.

hey blog….

it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

after i have so effectively ranted about how people never stay, i tried to think more positively about everything in general. a good thing to note is that i now understand that what’s important is the memory that you make. it doesn’t matter if they don’t stay, what matters is the moment that you spend with someone…

that being said, this week was just not a good week for me and i’m more than looking forward to next week. i tried to contain myself but this is as far as it goes. i’m using all of my energy right now to just make sure that i’m not falling apart but everything is happening so fast and i feel like running away to the mountains or something to forget about everything for a while. but since that is not an option, i’m trying to spare some time to just be alone and think through all of the things that i have to do.

sometimes being antisocial is to keep your sanity.

anyways~ got some work to catch up on. i’ll see you soon. hopefully writing in a happier tone than i am now. (:



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