an early Saturday

i cannot come up with a more original title. when you wake up at 6 on a Saturday, you know that’s early. end of story

anyways, woke up, and after seeing this from cookingwithdog

(she’s the cutest old lady (: )

i was literally crying for rice, so after taking Kei to the station on McGill college, i went to the caf and bought this microwavable chicken teriyaki-rice bowl. it wasn’t deep fried or anything, but it’s the closest, sort of rice bowl dish that i can get my hands on… and when i had it for breakfast this morning, it was… it was glorious. 

the sun was also shining super bright outside. despite the fact that it is currently -1 degrees celsius, i am warm inside with a cup of hot chocolate and my Japanese studies book (even though i’m not too happy with the Japanese studies book) i must admit though that this morning would be even better if i can have a jar of nutella close by, but this is good enough.

anyways, i’m so sorry for the irrelevant post, it’s just that it has been a long since i wrote one that i feel this undeniable desire to write it… something irrelevant, that is. gotta keep up with the reputation of blogging nonsensical things.

anyways~ have a good weekend all of you! i know i will (;

much love.


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