Sunday, November 4th 2012 (6.18 AM) i see snow for the first time

i know i SWORE to you i’ll not blog today…


it snowed. omg it snowed. omf(goldfish) it snowed.

i woke up really early today to revise on my linguistics, but it was only around 6-ish that i opened my curtains and at first i thought it was rain, but then i looked closer and it was snowing. i spent a good fifteen minutes staring outside my window trying to confirm if it really was snow… because i checked all of the weather forecasts available on the internet (well, a lot. not all of them) and none of them indicated that it would be (or it was) snowing today. i mean, as ridiculous as this sounds, it couldn’t be the clouds falling, could it? and i’m sure i wasn’t hallucinating, so it must be snow, one way or another… i even opened my window (stupidly enough) but then i forgot that the freakin’ dorm window doesn’t open all the way and the only thing that happened was the cold wind rushing into my room making it feel even colder. -_-

in the midst of my excitement and trying to be quiet (Joelle was still sleeping) i finished my bagel and a cup of hot tea before getting dressed and storming out of the dorm.

then of course the snowing stopped >.< perfect timing.

it wasn’t heavily snowing or anything… i could barely see it if i didn’t pay attention at the first place, but they were falling so beautifully, i forgot how cold it was. i swear they look like finely milled pixie dusts, just without the glitters.

and being even more of a baby about everything, i really wish mom’s here. i’m not being clingy, nor am i trying to be mommy’s little girl (of which i am 😉 ) but when something big happens to me (yes, it’s something big, even though it’s just snow) the first thing that pops into my mind is mom, and how i wish she could be here with me, seeing my first snow. so instead i wore a hand-me-down sweater (of which i stole from her) and tried to feel content.

anyways~ now that it’s over (sadly enough) i’m going to have to study again. no more procrastinating this time. no more.


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