i feel like such a lazy fat ass today, doing nothing productive.

regardless of the fact that my midterm is in less than 48 FREAKIN HOURS i still cannot get myself to study. what the hell.

i always find things to procrastinate with and it’s like i just don’t want to study at all… so i’m thinking of just sleeping now since i’m really just being so bad today and maybe wake up super early tomorrow at like five. i’ll even head to the gym if i have time before i get to the library just to maximize this productivity.

no one likes to feel like a potato couch. at least not before a midterm.

and i’m rambling off so i better go now~ i swear i’m not going to write tomorrow since i’m going to study ALL DAY, but i’ll see you Monday, when this is all over (:



4 thoughts on “sluggish

    1. thank you so much for the encouragement sweetheart :* yea, i guess it’s the calm before the storm (which should be today) since tomorrow i’m having my midterm. i’ll be SO GLAD once this is over.

      1. No problem love! I have days when I feel like being lazy and doing nothing so that’s just what I do! Haha. Just think about how happy you’ll be once it’s over! That’s your motivation right there! :] Good luck..again! :]

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