midterm is coming up omg.

through my rather inaccurate but very helpful MBP weather forecast, i discover that it should be raining-snowing today… i still don’t know how i feel about it though. i’m excited surely… at this point i wouldn’t be able to avoid it, so i guess the best thing i could do is to feel excited.

but i have a lot to think about that the idea of ‘snowing soon’ is pushed back in my mind. i have my one single midterm coming up and it’s happening on Monday. i guess that’s good because i’ll have the whole of tomorrow and Sunday to work it out, memorizing the International Phonetics Alphabet that i have yet to memorize and all that. and i’ll need to upload my notes which i will do shortly so i’m basically just going to study my ass off all through the weekend before finally embracing Monday and just do the test (and of course ace it 😉 )

anyways~ that being said, i know i haven’t uploaded a Halloween post yet which is bad since it’s already so super late right now. i have some pictures of things that i did during the Halloween and i have yet to upload it because i was busy and Gale somehow couldn’t connect to the campus internet (failing me again -_- ) but i’ll definitely update when i have time, OR when the pictures are uploaded. i had one of the most memorable Halloween. i couldn’t possibly not write about it.

toodles for now. i’m not supposed to see you soon since i should be studying but i think i’ll procrastinate anyway so :/



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