Latin is cancelled ( thankgod )

Latin class is canceled for today. i cannot be happier.

it’s not that i don’t enjoy Latin or anything, but today has been a weird day for me. despite my biological clock waking me up at 6 in the morning, i gave myself some slack and tried to sleep again until 8, knowing that i am sleep deprived as it is. but then i could barely made it through philosophy so i went to the SSMU building deciding to pass out for another hour when i originally intended to go over my notes for today’s (25% worth) Japanese culture studies test.

now that Latin is cancelled, i find that my nap didn’t cost me anything, and it actually did me good (: i’m so happy i decided to nap. i don’t know why i’m so tired today though. it’s weird… because i’m usually not like this. moreover i shouldn’t be like this on the day where i have a very important test. >.< that is just not going to work out well -_-

anyways~ i should really get going. i’m actually more confident about this quiz than i am with my last quiz. idk if that’s a good thing or not because i worried so much for my last test (i was so behind on my readings) and got an A- for it. my biggest fear is that i am not worried (enough) for this quiz and end up getting a really really bad mark on it. like a C. (okay, ew no.) so i better use my time wisely now that i’ve slept and am well rested.

thank you God for how today turns out (:



2 thoughts on “Latin is cancelled ( thankgod )

  1. You’re studying Latin?! That must be so interesting, I’ve tried it before (self tutoring) and it’s so complicated! I only wanted to learn Latin (or a little bit of it) because of those lovely Latin quotes and Harry Potter 😛 Good luck on your quiz today! 😀

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