hi blog (:

i check up on my stats just two minutes ago and was surprised to see that most of my viewers yesterday were from Indonesia…. it makes me miss my home country even more. i miss my family and my friends and most importantly the food… never forget about the food.

anyways~ if you’re wondering, yes, i’m feeling better now. i might not have the highest confidence in myself, but i’m getting there. i’m moving towards forgiving myself. worked until 8 in the evening yesterday, and decided that i had enough, and hung out in Sarah’s room instead (Sarah lives at the same floor as i am) and i have to tell you this. she really gives good advice. i told her how angry i was at myself and she told me that there is no use in hating on yourself. … which i already knew. i knew that it’s all in the past and hating on myself wouldn’t make things any better (and will make it even worse), but sometimes you just need to hear it. you know? sometimes, regardless of whether or not you know about something, you just need to hear it. and feel like someone loves you, and cares about, and is comforting you. you need to feel all of that.

so i went from being absolutely horrible, to feeling a hell of a lot better. and i’m grateful for that. i thank God for still giving me the chance to feel better, to provide me with friends who is not just really nice, but is there when i need them and actually sincerely cares about me.

so there you have it. a Saturday night with my friends, trying to feel less shitty and recovering from my personal wounds.

it was … nice. (:

p.s. if you were wondering why Joelle had pink substance around her mouth, it was because she just went to the residence Halloween party and that was red lipgloss smeared around her lips because she was dressed up as a zombie. 😀 


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