listen to that song. i swear it will get stuck in your head for weeks. Muse is my all time favorite and this song is awesome sauce. oh most definitely… awesome awesome sauce.

anyways~ madness it is. i love the song (as i have so explicitly stated) but i can’t help but feel the irony of it all. at least the sun is shining out right now (: i had to go to the library extra early today. i actually went out from my dorm at 6.30 in the morning to get some extra study hours before my morning conference. this was because i literally did nothing yesterday. (i’m going to tell you all about it later) i studied a little for my French test but after that i was like “f*#k studying.” so i hung out with Keidan and have some fun. i was so tired of cooping myself in the library, i just had to go out.

regardless though, i can’t exaggerate and say that university life is really different from high school life as it’s not. (well at least for me) i’m used to lack of sleep and rigorous academic expectations but what i will say is that in university (McGill particularly) everything goes so fast. so so fast. like it’s a constant marathon. the workload might just be the same with what i have in high school, but in  a much faster pace, so naturally i have to speed things up a little. and then there’s this thing where, idk if this is just me being a noob freshie but… i feel more pressure being in university. and my theory is that this is because i’m staying at a place entirely new, without my mom and dad, and i know that if i slack off, nobody would tell me to get back on track. it’s like, academic wise, i can only rely on myself, and if i slack off, there will only be my horrendous grades by the end of the semester telling me that i didn’t do my best and by then it would all be too late.

and it would suck. it would suck badly.

not to mention i know what my parents are going through to send me here for university (the ridiculously expensive housing -_-) and i’ve always been someone who wants to make her parents proud, but more so now. the pressure hikes up a notch in university, and i guess that is why i’ve been spending a lot more time in the library. but then the more time i’m rotting away in the library, the more that i know i cannot keep this up forever. like constantly sleeping in the morning and waking up in the morning -_-” haven’t got my well deserved sleep in ages.

anyhow~ i need to run now. gotta hike up the hill for my morning Philosophy conference. i’ll see you soon (: 



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