first samosa = legit McGillian

it’s so weird to think that only 8 hours ago i was just back from the library and now i’m here again. such a dedicated student, dad must be so proud of me. (-_-“) 


it wasn’t supposed to be this cold today. i didn’t look at the weather forecast (my fault) as i really wanted to go to the library as fast as i could and so i left early, but i should have. i looked at it yesterday and it said the lowest will only come to nine degrees centigrade which is not bad considering the last couple of days… but lo and behold. 5 degrees celsius in the morning. i was positively freezing on the streets.

i did a lot of things yesterday… but i didn’t have the chance to write it down because i was preoccupied with some other things. namely trying to juggle my philosophy paper and revising my Japanese culture notes. but yesterday i had my first Samosa. (haaaaaa!~ *the heavens open*) i’m a legit McGillian now. apparently samosas is a big thing here when i didn’t even know what it was before coming to McGill. they have a facebook page for samosa sales and a twitter account! so i’m always up to date with samosa sales, and bake sales too (red velvet cupcakes yum)

i gave a samosa to someone less fortunate down Rue Peel as well. i’ve been meaning to do that for so long but i’m always having a dilemma with donating money to homeless people. at one hand, i wanted to at least do something for them, but at the same time, i don’t want to give them money on which they could spend on alcohol instead of what they really need.

so i gave him food, i hope he wasn’t offended. he didn’t seem to mind though, and even permitted me to take a picture of him. (: i want to give him more samosas next time… i only gave him one yesterday.

and on my way back (to the library. this morning) i found this tree just outside 688 Sherbrooke with very very small bird houses on it. i tried to take a decent picture but i don’t think it worked. the sky was too blue, and so the picture turned out dark. but that’s okay… (i guess) because i can still see the outline of it :/ see the little hanging triangle-rectangles? they’re the bird houses!! 😀


now i must get back. have procrastinated for an hour even though it didn’t seem like it >.<


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