thompson (or thomson) on rue sherbrooke

this morning, i was supposed to wake up super early (at like 5 to do my readings) but considering the fact that i slept at 1 yesterday, i woke up and sort of collapsed back to sleep. but then luckily, i got my biological clock and woke up at 7 anyways so :/ thinking that i better get up and get things done, i ate my breakfast, cleaned up and dress warmly, put on my lipstick and went out to give a copy of my SIN card to the OSD office (of which i’m currently working for right now)

it was so cold. i know you’ll get tired of me saying this but it was so cold on the streets i was sniffling. and the wind was pretty harsh as well so it stung my eyes and my nose and it was horrible. but as always, it’s Montreal, and you’re bound to find something (anything at all) that entertains you along the way. so i passed this guy who looks so much like Tintin’s Thompson and Thomson.

i kid you not. i swear he had his moustache trimmed to that bushy-just-under-the-nose type of moustache, but he was not wearing the suit. instead he was wearing this really long legit leather trench coat in rich brown, and i was like: “dude. that’s intense.”

anyways~ i’m now in the Chemistry building, shielded from the cold… people keep telling me that i will get used to the cold but i seriously doubt it. if i’m to get used to the cold, i should be used to it by now since it has already been one month ++ my theory is that i wouldn’t get used to it, but then i know how cold it will be (essentially). because logically i can be acquainted with someone and not be used to them, right? …. well, that was what i thought, you don’t have to take it seriously… it sounds philosophical because i’m having philosophy in thirty minutes now….

so i shall quietly creep out of the blog world and do my philosophy readings (like a good girl) because i have this Halloween thing going on this Friday and i MUST finish my paper before then. i swear i must.

i’ll see you soon !


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