lying to myself.

i shouldn’t be having a good relationship with me as a being.

i lie a lot to myself. like really. remember when i told you that i have this other alter ego inside my head that i talk to a lot? i’m lying to my alter ego. which basically translates to myself.

i’m very tired right now. like honestly. i’m so tired i can collapse on my bed and wake up tomorrow and just abandon everything for tonight. but i know that isn’t even mildly possible because i have a lot of things planned on the weekends, i cannot skip even a chance to study. so i convinced myself that i’m actually not that tired and here i am now, in cybertheque, staying until i at least finish half of my philosophy paper. my dad was like asking me why i had to pay for residence when i literally lived in the library. i could’ve just bought a sleeping bag and everything will be settled. >.< dad.

anyways~ it’s good isn’t it? idk if i am a good liar, but at least i can always cheat myself. i sound very proud of that but… i’m not sure that lying to yourself is actually morally acceptable (or not). or more importantly, if it is psychologically healthy.

anyways~ wish me luck blog.

it will be another long night (as always)



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