love isn’t just for a day

it was this morning when i checked the weather forecast that Viv talked to me.

go slow this time. she said. do not rush over things… do not jump into conclusions. do not assume anything. humans are dangerous creatures, she said. we are dangerous creatures. it is never clear what we want… we want everything. and even though we think we know what we want, our desires can change in a heartbeat.

feelings are arbitrary. she spoke. and they are intangible. if he’s an irregular noun with undetermined declensions, then you’ll never know where he falls in. you cannot always be the adjectival modifier that agrees to everything and everyone. that agrees to all conditions without fail. you’ll adjust and adjust up until a point where you can’t anymore and snap, like a rubber band that loses its internal spring.

you always thought that practice makes perfect. that getting hurt over and over again will make you accustomed to it. but you repeat the hurt over and over again, you’ll tattoo it into your skin. you’ll make it permanent.

so be careful this time.

do not fall for anyone you might not be able to have.


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