it’s monday. what can i say.

155 viewers yesterday!!~ yeay….. thank you so much for everyone who constantly visit my blog. you guys are fantastic. i know it’s very easy to overlook the fact that people read your blog, but for me, having a lot of people read my blog is just amazing as i don’t really have a lot of close friends in real life, but here, i feel like i can connect to all of you through my writings. which is awesome sauce and i’m so glad i made this blog ! (:

anyways~ two people are kicked out of my philosophy class because they were using their phones and violating class policies…  (it was scary, just because both of them sat a row behind me -_-)

and i’ve been feeling warm these past few days. like my fingertips and my toes are really really cold sometimes, but my cheeks and neck feels really warm. i thought it was a fever, but it definitely wasn’t, so i don’t know what it is… been eating wrongly and getting stomachaches often too…

i miss my family. they’re currently in Bandung right now for a small vacation since my sisters are having their midterm break. i… don’t have midterm breaks. i hope i do, but i don’t. instead there’s this one week break called ‘reading week’ next semester– a friend of mine told me that it equates to ‘spring break’, it’s just that they call it reading week here. -_- so much for a break. reading week implies ‘studying’, as if the school doesn’t know that.

anyways~ aside from that, there’s nothing much more to say. there’s nothing exciting (yet) going on in my life as of now… we’re starting another module on Latin (which is always tough). we’re studying the imperfective passive tenses this time, and i’m so glad i had them memorized already. not so much of a difference really, except that their personal inflectional endings are not the same as the imperfective active tenses. and this is only the imperfective tense. i dread to think of the time when we would be learning of the perfective tenses.

i actually have a lot of things to tell you… i watched my first Quiditch game, did you know? yes, they treat Quiditch like a real sport and everything and it’s really popular here in Canada. every school has its own Quiditch team and McGill apparently has the best one in all over Canada. (yeay!)

that’s about it i guess… for now. i’m scrambling on doing everything since i plan to go to this halloween party down at a pub on St. Catherine’s. it’s called SinCity. and yes, as the name implies, there would be a lot of drinking–but i really don’t want to go overboard this time. because i guess i’m just not graced with the blessing of forgetting everything when i’m drunk. i throw up sane, and i feel like such an idiot when i do that… so :/ and a lot of people will be dressing up super super festively~ like what everyone said… Halloween is an excuse to dress up like a total bitch and no one can go against it. 

ciao for now lovelies… (: i’m sorry for the terribly random account of my day.



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