“is it just me, or do you sneeze when you see the sun?” ….this girl ♥

it didn’t feel like fall last Thursday. regardless of the fact that it was still cold for me, i could feel the sun grazing my cheeks when i walked out of the library and around lower field.

i miss the sun, as corny as this sounds. it’s all rain and wind now… and snow’s coming soon. i’m looking forward to my first snow (: but maybe not to the cold :/ not that one.

anyways~ for the sole reason that it was nice out, Keidan and i skipped class. she is such a bad influence, but i love her (: (she’s amazing) so we end up going up parc street and settled on parc du Mont Royal. we took pictures, ate (the best) butter cookies coated with thick dark chocolate and cherry filling, and we talked about senseless stuff. we both want to be something that flies when we die, and she told me that she’s going back to Korea next summer, and maybe to Japan as well if she got good grades (in which i swear she will). we also talked about the clouds for some reason… and how they look like fish gills for a while there.

and we talked about books ! ~ i can’t believe i was talking about books with her. i don’t usually go around telling people that i like The Virgin Suicide but it turned out that she’s read it too! we also talked about Murakami, and she suggested me a book called Clockwork Orange, which i’m so looking forward to reading.

basically the rest of the day went too quickly. we went downhill as it got colder and stopped by an amazing secondhand bookstore that she happened to stumble upon sometime ago. we went to the Linguistics wine and cheese with prof event (even though she wasn’t a ling student >.< ) and then after, we sort of aimlessly walked down St. Catherine’s before i had to go for a Korean BBQ event, and she had to meet up her friends.

it was a good day… but it was as if the sun’s warmth is saying goodbye.


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